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IEC and Global Mission

IEC supports global mission in different parts of the world. We encourage you to pray for these missionaries and their families in their challenging task. You can also support these projects financially.

Zion Harvest Mission is ministering amongst the poorest of the poor in rural Kenya. The aim is to equip local churches to reach out to their own. Currently, we want to support one congregation in their efforts to finish their church building. With regards to the future, we want to help with the distribution of Bibles and training materials and opportunities for pastors and people involved in ministry.

Alpha Finland seeks to equip churches to play their part in the evangelization of the nations, the revitalization of the church and the transformation of society, chiefly by helping people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus.

Markus and Annie Laurinkari, and their two children have been serving in Taiwan with OMF International since 2011.


OMF International was formerly known as CIM (China Inland Mission) and was founded by Hudson Taylor. The vision was to reach the inlands of China with the gospel. Nowadays OMF is working all over East Asia with the same vision of reaching those who have not heard about the Good News. Structures, strategies, and spheres of ministry may have changed but OMF’s essential objectives have remained consistent for 150 years.

Family photo-01-01-02.jpeg

"We met while serving on the MV Logos II  (Operation Mobilisation). Since then God has put a burden for missions on our hearts. Working towards the goal of serving God in mission, we went to Belfast Bible College and for Markus' final year of study at Redcliffe Bible College. A short-term mission trip to Taiwan in 2007 opened our eyes to see the need to share the Good News among the Taiwanese working class. We applied for the OMF and were accepted in 2010.


Taiwan has 17 million working-class people, which makes 2/3 of the population of Taiwan. Only 0.5 % of them are Christians. We work in a church planting team seeking to evangelize, to make disciples of, and to mobilize Taiwan’s working class through pioneering ministries and partnering with local Christians. We live in a more rural setting, where most people have never had any contact with the gospel, and try out creative ways to reach out to the community.

We are now on our third term of service. Our team started a Sunday service three years ago and have now a small growing church. We try to build contacts via various outreach ministries such as park activities, mom’s group, summer camp, etc. Our vision and mission statement is as below:

Our Mission: Our mission is to partner with Taiwanese to plant a locally-led church through sharing the Gospel in all its fullness to families in Sanhe.



We aim to see a healthy, self-supporting, growing church that transforms the San-he community and beyond through the power of the Gospel.



Prayer and partnership

Boldness and perseverance

Living and proclaiming the Gospel

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