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Making Jesus known in a super practical way

As a church, we are partnering mainly with Mission organisations and churches to help people experience the Kingdom of God come to their circumstances. 

One such a partnership is with Zion Harvest Mission Kenya. We have helped them in different church building projects to build churches and to get Bibles to their members. 

The focus for this year is raising support to be able to supply them with more Bibles. 



Our aim is to donate 360 Bibles, and they cost between 8-12€ when we buy them in boxes of 10. 


We are grateful to the Lord for these wonderful brothers and sisters, and want to encourage you to join in our "Give a Bible 2023"  project.

Image by Sergey Pesterev
Bibles for Kenya
Kendege - Church & Worship
Kwihemba building project
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