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Kids Ministry

One area that is particularly relevant for our church is the kids ministry. Raising the next generation is one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities we’re given. 

    We also want our children to hear the Gospel message, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become his disciples.

Sunday School

Helsinki & Espoo

In the IEC Sunday School the kids study the Bible and learn to apply the biblical truths for their lives. Most Sunday School groups are in Finnish, but some operate also in English.


3–6 years (in Finnish) 

7–12 years (in Finnish)

13+ years (in English)


3–6 years (in Finnish) 

7–12 years (in Finnish)

13+ years (in Finnish/English)


We have a dedicated and passionate team of Sunday School teachers, who would love to have you join and provide support, if this is your calling.



Klara, IEC Helsinki

Tel. 046 570 8882

Willem, IEC Espoo

Tel. 050–569 5936 

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