Ash Wednesday Service

Straight after his baptism Jesus was led into the wilderness for forty days, “being tempted by Satan” (Mark 1:13).

Through the ages and across various church traditions, Christians have been preparing for the celebration of God’s victory on Easter Sunday by remembering this “desert time” in their master’s life in various ways: by fasting, meditating on God’s word, reaching out to the poor, creating intentionally time and space for the Holy Spirit to examine us and call us to return and follow Jesus.
According to the tradition of many churches, the season of “Lent” beings on Ash Wednesday, about forty days before Easter. “Ash” Wednesday? In the Bible, ashes

  • are a reminder of human mortality before God: “Abraham answered and said, ‘Behold, I have undertaken to speak to the Lord, I who am but dust and ashes.’” (Genesis 18:27)

  • are a sign of repentance: “I repent in dust and ashes.” (Job 42:6)

  • illustrate the incomprehensible magnitude and extravagance of God’s grace in saving us: “He raises up the poor from the dust; he lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with princes and inherit a seat of honor.” (1 Samuel 2:8)


You are welcome to join us tomorrow at the Mission Church (Tähtitorninkatu 18 A) for the Ash Wednesday service. Those willing will receive a cross made of ashes on their forehead, before we celebrate Holy Communion. 

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Tähtitorninkatu 18 A  | 00140 Helsinki